Martin Kohlstedt’s second album “Nacht“ (2014) directly refers to its predecessor, yet it reverses his perspectives, grabbing and pointing them inward. Preceded by playfully asked questions in “Tag“ (2012), nine monologues are now to follow with utter consistency. One of them is EXA. A reduced piano piece that speaks with a kind of suppressed restlessness while keeping enough distance from recklessness. Within them, one can find Kohlstedt rigorously working on himself; repetition and rhythmic transformations develop an inward-pointing momentum. The music video transfers this never ending work on ourselves into a deep dark forest.

Regie: Clemens Beier

Produktion: RosenPictures Filmproduktion

Bildgestaltung: Stephan H. Beier

Musik: Martin Kohlstedt

Länge: 04:20 min.

Jahr: 2014

Genre: Musikvideo